Zeal is a Virtual Mentor for high school age aspiring graphic designers — a starting point for students with limited access to mentorship. This concept brand provides students with the resources to learn about fundamentals and pursuit of creative goals.
It is common to hear of a general devaluation or under funding art classes in American middle and high school curricula. Ironically, an art education strengthens problem-solving and critical-thinking skills (pbs.org), although these results are rarely acknowledged by school boards concerned with budget cuts. As a result, these budget cuts — plus a focus on core curricular classes — usually means a limited scope of art in public school education. This is not true for all middle and high schools but a good number of them suffer.

The greatest tragedy, however, is on the micro-level. There are students with a desire to visually express themselves through media they don't have access to. Not only that, but they lack the mentorship to help them develop their skills. Many young students have no idea what graphic design is, let alone be able to make a living doing it. This is true for other facets of commercial art — such as illustration or motion graphics — but the latter are more self-explanatory.
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